City Kings Holdings
A Calculated Force


About Us

The future is a trade and City Kings Holdings, united several talented traders to create a Calculated Force. The team is determined to empower trading enthusiasts in the trading world of today as well as preparing for tomorrow. We are consistently working to offer live assistance on trades. Our technical department has exclusively curated several scanners for traders to stream the live data. We believe in building a strong community of traders through regular live discussions on stocks. We have developed a well-designed combination of coded indicators and algorithms for optimizing a platform. All the tools we use are unique and will not be found anywhere else. We are not like other groups or gurus, that are looking to capitalize on memberships. We don’t sell our members a course, that everyone can buy. If everyone can buy it, then its not that special. We have a limit on the amount of members we accept. This to allow us to provide each our members a higher quality of assistance.

With the rapid economical shifts around the globe, we have acknowledged the importance of savings and how it can provide air under the wings. We promise to deliver our promise without compromising on consistency. For a limited time, we are offering a free 3 day trial. This trial won’t last long, take advantage and come see what we are about. We are here to help our traders with their unique needs; we shall curate a strategy together that aligns with the trader’s specific goals. We are working with a mission to accelerate the adaption to trading, hence leading the way for inclusion and financial freedom. When you come to us, we will empower you to chart and to direct your unique financial path. We also encourage and guide our members to learn how short selling works. For this purpose, we have a pyramid of features and tools to help our traders leverage with growth in the portfolio.